4 Critical Hurricane Preparedness Steps

Personal preparedness is crucial to mitigate the impact on families and individuals during natural or man-made disasters. This is especially important during the ongoing Hurricane season. As we commence National Preparedness Month, please take a moment to watch the 4 Critical Hurricane Preparedness Steps and follow the links below to enhance your personal and family preparedness kits and plans.

KEV Talks Quick Tip #11 – 4 Critical Hurricane Preparedness Steps

The 4 Steps

  1. Make an Emergency Kit
    • Foods should be “shelf stable” and not require refrigeration.
    • If someone has food allergies make sure to avoid cross-contact in the kit
    • The rule of thumb for water is 1 gallon of water per person, per day.
    • * Special consideration should be given to water for hygiene and for making bottles for infants. [1 Gallon (fluid) = 128 ounces (fluid) / 128 ounces = 16 – 8oz. Bottles / 4 bottles/day = 4 days of water for bottles only]
    • Organize a two-week supply of pills in a pill organizer
    • Contact medical supply companies and have at least 72 hours’ worth of supplies, e.g., O2, bandages, etc.
    • Charge all primary and backup batteries for medical devices
  2. Have a Disaster Plan
    • Disaster and emergency plan lists and templates are available at Ready.Gov
    • Know your physical limits, e.g., shoveling snow, removing debris, etc.
    • Make a list of contacts you can call (in and out of town)
    • Make sure everyone knows how and when to call 911
  3. Stay informed
    • We may lose internet connection, so having an antenna on your television and a battery-powered radio will provide a vital information lifeline.
    • Follow your Local Emergency Management agency on social media
    • Sign up for your Local emergency warning/alert system
  4. Get involved by Volunteering
    • Volunteering is a very rewarding experience, and many programs offer free disaster preparedness and response training. *More at Ready.gov **More on responding to disasters at kevtalkspod.com

*More at Ready.gov

** Use the search at the bottom of this page for more on ’emergency preparedness’ or ’emergency management

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