5 Key Lessons from Mindfulness for Warriors by Kim Colegrove

Mindfulness for Warriors by Kim Colegrove

In 5 Key Lessons from Mindfulness for Warriors by Kim Colegrove, I share the top 5 most impactful lessons I learned from reading Mindfulness for Warriors. Kim Colegrove, Founder of Pause First Academy wrote this book after her husband committed suicide as a way to help other First Responders and military Veterans.

The book is impactful and easy to read. The book is organized into three primary sections. The first section is called “Warrior”. In “Warrior” the reader learns more about Kim and her husband David’s suicide and its impact on those around them. The next section is called “Weight”. Here the reader is given tools that help regulate their emotions, stress, and trauma. In the last section, “Wisdom”, Kim shares the “how” for mindfulness, meditation, and breath work.

Listen and Read the Book
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I was fortunate that Mindfulness for Warriors was available at my librarylibray. I recommend checking yours. If it’s not there it is available on Amazon.

Thank you all for reading this post and listening to this episode.

**Know someone dealing with trauma and having negative or suicidal thoughts? If so, please refer them to or call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1.800.273.8255). You can also text “HOME” to the Crisis Text Line at 741741.

I hope 5 Key Lessons from Mindfulness for Warriors by Kim Colegrove was a helpful. For more mental health resources search for “mental health” on this website and visit the Pause First Academy website.

About Pause First Academy

“Kim Colegrove’s husband, David, dedi30 years-years of his life to law enforcement. Then, less than three months after retiring, David took his own life.

This devastating loss led Kim on a journey of discovery of how long-term and chronic exposure to timpactmpacts first responders, and she felt compelled to do something to help. Ultimately, she transformed her pain by activating her grief. She told David’s story, wrote a book, and created an organization focused on first responder resilience and wellbeing.

Pause First Academy is dedicated to helping frontline workers through resilience training, with a focus on holistic wellness, and work-life balance.” – From https://pausefirst.com/about/

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