6 Considerations When Leading a Program of Programs

Leading projects is a challenge. Leading programs, and a group of projects, is even more challenging. So, what’s the solution? How do we lead a program of programs? In this week’s episode, 6 Considerations When Leading a Program of Programs, I share six things to consider when you’re asked to lead at an even higher level than a program.

Things to Consider:

  1. Take it up a notch (in view altitude)
  2. Support your Project Managers to become Program Managers
  3. Think even more holistically
  4. Embrace dynamic standards
  5. Be objective, but provide direction
  6. Nourish the different personalities

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  • Have a plan
  • Stay informed
  • Get involved

📓 Have a plan to keep your team aligned | ℹ Stay informed with facts, not fear or rumors | 🤝 Then get involved so you can make a difference

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