Findings from a Study on the Health of our Emergency Responders

2020 CrewCare Report

In 2020 Summary Findings from a Study on the Health of our Emergency Responders | Foundations Friday 77 I share the summary findings and future focus areas that can help improve the overall health of our Emergency Responders. The summary is from a 2020 CrewCare report by ImageTrend. It includes feedback from over 4,100 Emergency Responders.

The emergency responder industry has primarily focused on patient care, public safety and public health. In recent years, the well-being and safety of emergency responders has also been added as a primary focus. Emergency responders are at higher risk for exposure to traumatic events that can lead to personal harm or harm to those in their care, which can increase risk for associated mental health issues such as stress, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, substance abuse and suicide.¹” – From a SAMHSA report referenced in the Health of our Emergency Responders: A CrewCare Report

Key takeaways:

  • Responders need each other’s and their leadership’s support
  • Obesity is a problem in the Emergency Responder community
  • Lack of employer resources was still a problem in 2020
  • Emergency Responders need to improve their sleep to improve their health
  • Exercise is a better stress-coping mechanism than alcohol

*Read the full study at

** Find this resource and more at

  • Have the plan to keep teams on track
  • Stay informed with facts, not fear
  • Get involved to make a difference


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