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Thank you for coming to the About page of the site. On KEV Talks Kevin Pannell, I share my 20+ years of professional experience in the Healthcare, Technology, and Public Safety spaces. In addition to giving my $.02 (for free!), I’m fortunate to facilitate crucial and compelling conversations with industry-leading guests from all walks of life.

KEV Talks Podcast Intro

I think the best podcasts help, “Show the way in all things.” to echo the sentiment from Miyamoto Musashi. To me, this means the KEV Talks Podcast can help show the “Foundational 5” way as it applies to all things.

(Need a refresher on what the Foundational 5 are? Go here, then come back to this page.)

Here are industries and actionable areas I’ve applied the ‘Foundational 5’ concepts:

  • Healthcare:
    • Insights on effective emergency medical response
    • Sharing best practices on implementing and optimizing electronic medical records (EMR)
    • Practical guidance on how best to plan for and respond to Public Health emergencies
  • Technology:
    • Improving team efficiencies by leveraging communication technologies
    • Creating more measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) through data analysis
    • Practical tips to apply Program and Project Management best practices
    • How to successfully achieve key milestones in large-scale implementations
  • Public Safety:
    • When and how to conduct and learn from After Action Report (AAR) reviews
    • Ways to implement the strategy and tactics of All-Hazards Incident Management
    • Optimizing First Responder and the public’s safety through coordinated special event planning
    • Providing mindset and situational awareness insights for more efficient disaster response
  • Wellness:
    • Giving the good, the bad and the ugly on what works to improve mental health
    • Setting the foundation of knowledge to improve overall fitness and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) basics
    • Exploring the value of faith to push us through hard times
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About Kevin Pannell

I grew up in Virginia before joining the U.S. Navy and serving as a Hospital Corpsman. During my service, I worked at the highest levels of military medicine. After my military service, I transitioned to the Information Technology (IT) field. This is where I honed my technical skills and was fortunate to learn many leadership and management lessons. Then it was back to school using the Montgomery GI Bill. I completed my Bachelor of Arts in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness at the Virginia Commonwealth University in Richmond, Virginia.

I was then fortunate to put my training and previous Navy experience to good use at the Local, Regional, and State levels. Then, after a long career of answering emergency calls and monitoring alarms, I moved into Private Sector Program and Project Management.

Where In the World?

I currently live in Southwest Virginia with my wife of over 20 years, my 3 sons, and 3 Border Collies. I exercise regularly in my garage gym and am a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Blue Belt.

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Hope is NOT a plan – No Egos – No Silos

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