Adversity Breeds Strength

Tough rolls in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Difficult conversations at work. Conflict at home. Balancing all of this as the U.S. and the world at large flounder between comfort and fear. Adversity has affected us all over the past year.

Adversity breeds strength - Plenty of adversity in BJJ
Adversity breeds strength – Plenty of adversity in BJJ

Opportunities for Self-Imposed Adversity:
– Regular physical struggle through exercise and martial arts
– Constructive disagreements and positive outcomes at work and
– Holding together a marriage and raising resilient kids during the pandemic and beyond

LISTEN HERE – Foundations Friday 13: Adversity Breeds Strength

This Friday and every other day, appreciate the adversity you’ve been through on some level. If you haven’t faced adversity, find some. Do some push ups everyday for a week. Take a Jiu Jitsu intro class. Practice listening more and being ready to respond less. Be less adversity shy and more accepting of hardship as the anvil your strength will be forged on.

Thank you all for reading this, listening to the podcast and helping each other out there.

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