Balance Helping Others with Just Rolling | You-Jitsu #26

In Balance Helping Others with Just Rolling | You-Jitsu #26, I share my $.02 about balancing helping others when I’m rolling and focusing on what I want to do during the roll.

As a salty, 49-year-old Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Blue Belt practicing BJJ for 4.5 years, I like to help folks just starting their BJJ training. When I sweep a white belt, then move to Mount, I often see the “deer in the headlights” look on their face. So, I have often walked them through the arm and leg trap and then bridge escape. Long this theme when a white belt tries a submission, but it’s not..umm…good at all; I’ll talk them through what I think they were trying to do. But sometimes, I want to roll, and that’s ok.

For those of us who have been training for more than a couple of years, we must help new BJJ players. We are also obligated to get better, get our money’s worth and allow ourselves to grow in the martial art we love.

Thank you for listening to Balance Helping Others with Just Rolling | You-Jitsu #26. I’ve merged the content from my previous You-Jitsu podcast into the KEV Talks Podcast main feed.

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