BJJ Revolutions with Andrew Smith

BJJ Revolutions with Andrew Smith

In ‘BJJ Revolutions with Andrew Smith’ I had opportunity to speak with Andrew Smith, Third Degree Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Black Belt and Co-owner of Revolution BJJ in Richmond, Virginia. During our almost two hour conversation we learn of Andrew’s history with BJJ, BJJ’s growth in America since the 1990’s, building a business from the ground up, creating a unique grappling tournament and paying it forward through new instructor growth and online presence.

Evolution of a BJJ Player

I created the basic graphics below to illustrate guidance and philosophy Andrew shares in this episode. We discuss the analogy of a human learning letters, then words, then sentences, on to paragraphs and then writing entire papers as their BJJ knowledge increases and belt colors change.

Check out these resources and if you’re in the Richmond, Virginia area stop by one of Revolution BJJ’s locations.

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