Brighten Someone Else’s Day Today

Brighten Someone Else's Day Today
Brighten Someone Else’s Day Today

Brighten Someone Else’s Day Today – Will you hold the door for a stranger? Return that cart someone else left alone in the store parking lot? Ask a co-worker a non-work related, “How are you doing?” question? Help streamline the project? Put leaders at ease by providing key information?

There are so many ways to help others. We don’t have to make grandiose gestures, spend a lot of money, or take a lot of time. We just need to put forth the effort.

Thank you all for taking time and effort to join me here and on the People, Process, Progress podcast each week. Another full episode coming next week where my wife of 20 years and I share 10 things we think helped us get this far and that will help us keep going at least another 20.

LISTEN HERE – Foundations Friday 36: How Will You Brighten Someone Else’s Day Today?

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