Checking In – June 2022

Summer Sobriety

Hello readers. Thank you so much for coming to the site and reading Checking In – June 2022 and for listening to the podcast. I’m posting to check in to say that I appreciate each view and reading of this site and every listen of the podcast. I am thankful for not just my solo stories and feedback but for taking your time to hear the stories of my guests.

I am also sharing that I am 45 days into sobriety and feeling great! It is a hard road and every day isn’t littered with rainbows, but it is worth it. I will feature more on a future episode, but wanted to also share some resources that have helped me get this far.

Thanks again for reading Checking In – June 2022 and I look forward to sharing my story and others’ over the coming months so we can continue to use the internet to help one another.

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