Conscripts on Project Teams

Conscripts on Project Teams

Not everyone asked to be on your project. In Conscripts on Project Teams I talk about how we can help team members that were “voluntold” to be on our teams to become more enthusiastic and productive members of the team.

Conscript (con-script)

  • noun – a conscripted person (such as a military recruit)
  • adjective – enrolled into service by compulsion
  • verb – to enroll into service by compulsion

This episode was inspired by a Jocko Willink Live event. Jocko speaks to how shaking the stick isn’t always the way. Leadership by force is not good management. Instead, leaders need to do so by influence. This made me think of project team members that are all but conscripted onto our teams.

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Key Takeaways

  • Conscription has been around since the beginning of documented time
  • Not everyone on the Project Team wants to be there
  • You can’t just shake a stick over them
  • Hone in on unhappy team members and lift them up
  • Escalate the team’s needs on their behalf
  • Convert conscripts into true teammates
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