Create a Superhero Group!

Episode Notes

Have you ever wondered how you would assemble the ultimate project team? In this short, but fun episode Create a Superhero Group! I share what objectives, organization, resources and communication I would select to build an effective team of superheroes.

Creating the Group:

  • Objective
    • Build a balanced team of heroes to protect the U.S. Earth 24/7
  • Org Chart
    • Experienced leader; Strategist; Tank; Magic; Speedster; Tech
  • Resources
    • Base; travel; equipment; resupply; delegated authority
  • Communication
    • Telepath; Communication cards/ear pieces
Listen here: Create a Superhero Group!

Thank you all for reading these notes and listening to this episode. How would you pull together super powered beings to protect your country or the world?

*Note: When I created this episode I was using the ‘Foundational 4’. I had not yet realized the critical need to include Leader’s Intent. To hear more about all of the elements in the ‘Foundational 5’ go here.

  • Have a plan
  • Stay informed
  • Get involved

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