Create the Foundation with ICS 100

Create the Foundation with ICS 100

Original post from September 2018:
In this episode, Create the Foundation with ICS 100, I provide the “Between the Slides 5” I think are important to students about to complete their assigned ICS 100 class or for incident management practitioners a little further along their training journey.

“Between the Slides 5” for this episode:

  • Learn the positions and what they do (generally)
  • Everyone is here to support Operations
  • Unified Command, establishing command, and incident action planning are critical
  • Use what you need, not what egos need
  • Un-silo your org charts

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Thank you to all my brothers and sisters still out there is still holding the line in the military and public safety.

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Hope is NOT a plan – No Egos – No Silos

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Update March 2022: Added player and updated contact information.

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