Crisis Confident with Andrew Owlett

Crisis Confident with Andrew Owlett
Crisis Confident with Andrew Owlett

During this week’s episode, ‘PPP42: Crisis Ready, Crisis Confident with Andrew Owlett’, Andrew and I discuss our similar backgrounds. We learn Andrew’s process of preparing himself to transition from his work as a career Firefighter in Maryland into Emergency Management with the Federal Government. How he started up Data Bulb in the midst of the COVID-19 crisis. And then we hear how Andrew and Data Bulb used natural disaster, disease and other risk relevant data to create viable, State level crisis management solutions.

LISTEN HERE: ‘PPP42: Crisis Ready, Crisis Confident with Andrew Owlett, CEO of Data Bulb by Imagineering Labs’

Connecting on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to learn, connect and contribute with others. One of the folks I’ve been fortunate to connect with is Andrew Owlett, CEO of the company Data Bulb by Imagineering Labs. Andrew and I share some commonalities in our life and professional paths in that we both put time in as Volunteer Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians and worked in Emergency Management.

While Andrew is still in the Emergency and Crisis Management space, as the CEO of Data Bulb he also provides Crisis Management Strategy, Labs and Immersive Education, and Geospatial and Data Analytics to organizations to help them lean forward in disaster preparedness or to provide risk and crisis management solutions in a pinch.

Contacting Andrew:

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