A lot has happened since my last post. An asshole murdered a man. People protested as Americans should be able to. Other people looted as criminals should not be allowed to do. Politicians took advantage of the situation as politicians do. Mainstream media bombarded us with “breaking news”, “fake news” and well, some actual “real news”. Famous people made cringy videos. Many people don’t like the Police. Many people could not survive without the Police. People took over some space in Seattle. Those people can’t maintain that space in Seattle.

How I’ve Improved

  • Had peaceful disagreements with level headed people-
  • Broken connections with extreme people, including those I share blood with.
  • Expanded my knowledge on Black history, particularly Juneteenth and podcasted about it.
  • Researched Black podcasts (great suggestion @iamjeremyenns).
  • Reached out to my friends that are Police, Fire and EMS. My friends that are in Police, Fire and EMS are exhausted.

What the hell?

Moving Forward

  • Wrong is wrong.
  • Equality should exist for all.
  • Bad humans should not be in positions of power.
  • We need to talk to each other.
  • Innocents should not die.
  • We need to police our own (pun intended).
  • Let’s give young people purpose.
  • Train more Jiu Jitsu.
  • Work together to get past COVID-19.
  • We need to get past our irrational fears.


Keep getting after it. Workout. Work hard. Protect your people. Raise good humans. Listen to podcasts (sorry, had to get a little plug right?).

Godspeed to everyone of good heart from every culture that has and continues to make up the America I still love protected by the people I’m still friends with,

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