Evolution of a Podcaster

*Update 09July2020: Since this post I’ve transitioned ‘Between the Slides’ to the ‘People, Process, Progress’ podcast. The show has almost triple the growth rate now and I’ve been fortunate to have people start to find me and the show. More evolution. More gratitude.*
As you evolve as a podcaster you evolve as a speaker, teacher and even as a person. It’s a weird medium to talk into a microphone by yourself and even with guests a digital or virtual interview is a challenge.
For Between the Slides I’ve had a program description that sounded great and awe inspiring, e.g. here’s why this show is great type of message. Tonight however, I decided to share the real reason for this podcast and why I think it’s important. If you’re a listener I hope it continues to be important for you too.
Between the Slides show description 18OCT2019:
“I’m spoiled. Yes, I get up early the vast majority of my days and push myself in my recently acquired and nicely insulated and horse matted garage gym or on the mats of the BJJ school I train at. But it is still struggle, still hardship. The irony is that I miss my dusty, unfinished, uninsulated large shed (Garage Gym 1.0) that was the alter on which I pledged to better myself. In the summer is was stiflingly hot, so I moved to the basketball court outside. In the winter my workout prep consisted of top layers, bottom layers, winter hats and gloves to help cope with the freezing steel of the kettle bell or pull up bar. Sometimes, I didn’t want the gloves. I needed the visceral cold to push me. Why?
Because I was in a bad place. No one could get me out of it but me. It required sacrifice of my mind, body and spirit. So, I set the clock, prepared my clothes and reached back to exercises I once knew on a regular basis. I was not out of shape my whole life, only when I allowed myself to be. I let this happen through complacency and by missing the fact that I had had enough. Enough on call, enough dead bodies, enough bureaucracy driven preparedness and response. So, I got out. Off my incident management team (IMT), out of government and Emergency Management. O.U.T, out. But I miss it. I miss my Brothers and Sisters from the streets, commiserating about policy driven checklist requirements and especially those I grabbed my go bag with and stepped into a vehicle to travel down the road to help people we didn’t know.
That’s why Between the Slides podcast. While I live in the world of Information Technology, Healthcare and Project Management now, I carry the same principals I learned in my military, IMT and Public Health life with me every day. I am first, then my people, then everyone else. In encourage each of you to follow suit. On the show I will share real world application of aspects of what’s learned in books or sometimes through false and incomplete training and credentialing. I’m not the only voice. I have and will continue to welcome other PEOPLE to share their PROCESS so we can all make PROGRESS together.
I thank my wife and kids for letting me go the garage studio, now office to talk into a microphone connected to my MacBook Air about topics I’m passionate about. I thank my family and friends for every like on social media, but especially the ones that have given me real feedback on what works and what doesn’t. I look forward to your comments as well and our continued journey to keep our Brothers and Sisters safe on the streets, on deployment and to help those in the offices and cubicles to be as efficient and effective as possible.
Godspeed to you all on your personal and professional journeys,
Kevin Pannell, PMP, PSC3, NREMT
Creator and Host, Between the Slides podcast
Facebook: Between the Slides
Twitter & Instagram: pannellkg
Website: http://www.betweentheslidescom”
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