Factful Friday 01: Are You A Miracle?

Factful Friday 01: Are You A Miracle

Factful Friday 01: Are You A Miracle?

On this first edition of Factful Friday I share the quote below. The full article is great, but this quote was particularly impactful to me.

“So what’s the probability of your being born? It’s the probability of 2.5 million people getting together — about the population of San Diego — each to play a game of dice with trillion-sided dice. They each roll the dice — and they all come up the exact same number — say, 550,343,279,001.” – Dr. Ali Binazir

This Episodes “Why?”

I was inspired to write and share this episode and this article as I read through some of the Mental Health forums on Reddit (@reddit). People are hurting and some wish their footprint never existed. Some on the forums stated they wish to stop existing and would if not for their families. I shared this quote and some other resources like book Man’s Search for Meaning (no affiliate link) and the YouTube (@youtube) channels for Dr. Tracey Marks and Emma McAdam’s Therapy In A Nutshell.

Each of the resources above have helped me process trauma and anxiety and I hope this episode and the resources I shared help you or someone you know.

  • Read Dr. Binazir’s full article at https://www.huffpost.com/entry/probability-being-born_b_877853

To circle back to the title of this episode and the article, I say “Yes!”. I believe we humans are each statistical anomalies and divine miracles.

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