Get after it today

How will you get after it today? – Improved health can be achieved whether we have a gym full of or equipment or we can do bodyweight workouts on our living room floor. In this short video I share a complication of some of my past workout shorts. I hope this inspires you as others have inspired me.

Exercise is important. “How are you going to get after it today?”

Movements in the video:

  • Bench press
    • Low weight, high rep
  • Squat
    • Work up to 85% max
  • Ab roller
    • Git ‘er done
  • Deadlift
    • Work up to max
  • Overhead press
    • Part of barbell complex
    • Low weight, moderate reps
  • Farmer’s carry
    • 2x 61# kettlebells
  • Step ladder
    • PT movement after right calf tear
  • Bench curls
    • Moderate weight
    • Focus on form and tension
  • Supermans
    • Solid bodyweight core movement
  • Goblet squats
    • 36# calf PT movement

To watch more exercise shorts or longer “How To” exercise videos visit the Pannell5 Fitness Club YouTube channel that has over 35k views. Please share, “smash the subscribe button” and let’s get others to get after it.

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