Gotta Have Faith

Gotta Have Faith

For episode 3.Gotta Have Faith (4 Ways Faith Improves Mental Health) I dig into the differences between faith, religion and spirituality and we’ll review 4 ways the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) says faith can help our mental health.

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So, enjoy your commute (do we still do that?), coffee or morning walk and let’s fly into the KEV Talks Podcast in 3…2…1

In this episode:

  • What is religion?
    • …religion is a personal set or institutionalized system of religious attitudes, beliefs, and practices; the service and worship of God or the supernatural.” – Adam Brady, Chopra Center
  • What is spirituality?
    • …connotes an experience of connection to something larger than you; living everyday life in a reverent and sacred manner.” – Adam Brady, Chopra Center
  • What is faith?
    • …inner attitude, conviction, or trust relating human beings to a supreme God or ultimate salvation…. No definition allows for identification of “faith” with “religion.” Some inner attitude has its part in all religious traditions, but it is not always of central significance.
  • How are the three intertwined?
    • Here’s my $.02: “Faith is an inner and individualistic thing that is often closely related to religion. Our spiritually is how we connect with whatever higher power we subscribe to, whether it be a pantheon of deities, one God above all, with nature or even with…nothing.” – Kevin Pannell
  • Mental Health benefits of faith (of any kind)
    • Prayer as mindfulness or meditation
    • Faith based or other interest groups foster a feeling of togetherness
    • Faith, addiction and other groups provide a sense of common understanding
    • A focus on helping others helps us

What I Believe

Havin faith in something bigger than ourselves can be life changing. For some, like me, we lose our faith when exposed to horrible things in life. However, coming back to some form of faith practice helps ease the mental burden of hard times.

Here is a statement from NAMI on the benefits of having faith:

As we learn more and more about the connections between the mind and body, it becomes clear that spirituality, religion and faith can help some individuals live well with mental health conditions. Some individuals and families turn to faith in times of crisis to help in their recovery while others find that spiritual practices help them continue to manage their mental health.” – NAMI 

I hope you found 3.Gotta Have Faith insightful, informative and helpful. Consider how you can weave a faith practice back into your life’s plan. How you can stay informed about your chosen faith. Consider getting involved with others. Go to church. Attend a community meeting. Or just be more present at home.

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