Helping Fathers Live Legendary with Larry Hagner

In Helping Fathers Live Legendary with Larry Hagner, meet Larry Hagner, the visionary behind The Dad Edge – a platform that inspires men to create and sustain strong relationships with their spouses and children, while also achieving overall wellness in various aspects of their lives.

During our conversation, Larry opened up about his personal journey of growing up without a reliable father figure, and how he drew valuable insights from his experiences to establish The Dad Edge. He also offered practical advice on how we can improve communication with our kids and nurture our marriages through proactivity.

The Dad Edge Mission

The mission of the Dad Edge is to empower men to live and lead legendary lives.  The Dad Edge empowers men to create legendary marriages, create epic connections with our kids, master our personal finances, optimize our health (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual), and become a leader within their family.” – Larry Hagner, The Dad Edge

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