Here we Go: Welcome to the KEV Talks Podcast

Welcome to the KEV Talks Podcast. In Here we Go: Welcome to the KEV Talks Podcast I take the listener on a trip down my podcasting way back machine, provide a preview of the new show format and focus and share my $.02 on three issues within Healthcare, Wellness, Technology and Public Safety that I’ve been pondering or experienced over the past few months.

LISTEN HERE: Welcome to the KEV Talks Podcast | 01

Focus Areas:

  • New Format
    • Hear a story
    • Get tools and lessons learned
    • Call to action to help listeners
  • My $.02 on
    • Healthcare
      • Challenges navigating the system
      • Disconnected Electronic Health Records (EHRs)
      • Project Management in Healthcare
    • Technology
      • Can be a great enabler
      • Is a crutch for many
      • My Gen X perspective on Technology advances
    • Wellness
      • Mental Health is critically important
      • Physical Health improves our mental health
      • Spiritual Health supports us through good times and bad
    • Public Safety
      • Post Traumatic Stress is hard to avoid
      • Substance abuse is widespread
      • Agencies must collaborate before the emergency
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