Hokie WOD

Hokie Workout of the Day (WOD)

A video sharing the sweat, nausea and reflections via the “Hokie WOD” (WOD = workout of the day) in memory of the 32 souls taken 15 years ago today.

Get up. Get after it. Godspeed.

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15 Years ago today I was in a capstone exercise as part of earning my Bachelor’s in Homeland Security and Emergency Preparedness. As my classmates and I worked through fake scenarios with our Public Safety and Emergency Management mentors some of the television screens began to change. We started to see “Breaking News” flashing on each channel. Then we heard what was happening.

A shooter. Multiple shooters. This # hurt. This # dead. Only those inside knew the truth at that time. Only evil knew what was to happen. As the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) began to buzz. Some of our mentors heard more ground truth from their contacts. It was not good. It got worse.

As we now know 15 years later. One evil person took the lives of 32 others that day. First Responders did their best. Now they and those they did save live with the memories of April 16, 2007.

So, on this day each year we remember. There is sweat. We shed a tears. We honor those lost. Lift up those that lived. Support those that tried to save more.

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