How to Build a High Performing Project Management Office (PMO)

In this week’s episode, How to Build a High Performing Project Management Office (PMO) with Katie McCullough, PMP, MHA, we’re lucky to have seasoned Information Technology and Healthcare leader Katie McCullough. During this episode, Katie shares her over 25 years of Healthcare and IT experience as Katie, and I talk through her top 5 tips leaders should consider if they want to start up and maintain high functioning Project Management Office (PMO) for their organization.

Kevin Pannell, PMP and Katue McCullough, PMP, MHA talk about 5 key tips to starting up a Project Management Office (PMO)

Thank you all for listening to, How to Build a High Performing Project Management Office (PMO) with Katie McCullough, PMP, MHA. It was great to catch up with one of the best leaders I’ve had in my professional career.

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  • Have a plan to keep teams aligned
  • Stay informed with facts, not fear or rumors
  • Get involved so you can make a difference



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3 thoughts on “How to Build a High Performing Project Management Office (PMO)

  1. Hey Kevin, great article on building a high-performing Project Management Office (PMO). As someone who’s been involved in project management for a few years, I found your insights to be both helpful and informative. I agree with you that a PMO can be an essential part of an organization’s success, and building a high-performing one requires careful planning and execution.

    One point that really resonated with me was your emphasis on the importance of the people factor. A PMO is only as good as the people who run it, and selecting the right team members is critical to its success. I also appreciated your tips on creating a culture of continuous improvement and how to ensure that the PMO is aligned with the organization’s strategic goals. These are all essential components that I believe many organizations overlook when setting up a PMO.

    Overall, your article is a great resource for anyone looking to build a high-performing PMO. Your insights are practical and applicable, and I appreciate the way you break down the process into manageable steps. I look forward to reading more of your work in the future and hope to apply some of your tips to my own projects. Thanks for sharing your expertise! Learn more:

    1. I appreciate your time and look forward to reading more about the Project Management Global Institute.

  2. Hey there, Kevin! I just finished reading your article on how to build a high-performing Project Management Office (PMO), and I must say, it’s spot on! As someone who has been involved in project management for quite some time now, I truly appreciate the insights and practical advice you’ve shared in this piece.

    First off, I love how you emphasized the importance of aligning the PMO with the organization’s strategic goals. It’s crucial for a PMO to be more than just a bureaucratic entity that oversees projects. By understanding the business objectives and aligning project efforts accordingly, the PMO becomes a true partner in driving success. Your tips on conducting regular stakeholder meetings and establishing clear communication channels really resonated with me. It’s all about fostering collaboration and ensuring everyone is on the same page.

    Secondly, your emphasis on talent management within the PMO is absolutely on point. Building a high-performing team is not just about hiring skilled individuals; it’s also about creating an environment that nurtures their growth and encourages collaboration. Your suggestion to provide training and development opportunities, as well as fostering a culture of knowledge sharing, is invaluable. As you rightly mentioned, investing in your team’s professional development not only enhances their skills but also boosts their motivation and commitment to delivering exceptional results.

    Overall, Kevin, I want to thank you for sharing such practical and actionable advice on building a high-performing PMO. Your expertise shines through, and I’m sure many project management professionals, myself included, will benefit from the insights you’ve provided. Keep up the great work, and I look forward to reading more of your informative articles in the future! Cheers! Learn more:

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