How to Produce Powerful Product Solutions with Jillian Funes

In How to Produce Powerful Product Solutions with Jillian Funes, I was fortunate to speak with Jillian Funes, Technical Product Manager at Canopy Servicing. During our fun discussion, Jillian shared how she started in the Tech sector after transitioning from Psychology. We also learn how Jillian didn’t enjoy Project Management very much, but that led her to a career field she enjoys, Product Management.

Essential Product Management Tips from Jillian:

  • Use the R.I.C.E. +D methodology when working with clients.
  • Determine if you can solve one or many customers’ problems.
  • Use the “5 Whys, 5 Times” approach
  • Discuss whether the solution aligns with the company’s objectives
  • And more!

Thank you for listening to How to Produce Powerful Product Solutions with Jillian Funes. To learn more from Jillian, connect with her on LinkedIn here. Learn more about the Fintech solutions Canopy provides at

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