How to Work Remotely

How to Work Remotely
How to Work Remotely

In this episode, How to Work Remotely, I share information based on an article I wrote in March 2020 when the United States and the world kept everyone home in an attempt to “flatten the curve”. Teleworking is challenging but can also be very productive.  I started teleworking about one year before the COVID-19 Pandemic forced us all to stay home for a while. In ‘How to Work Remotely’, I share tools and tips that helped me transition from the cubicle and to my home office in 2019.

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Key Tips

  • Objectives
    • Start each day like you’re going into an office
      • Exercise, shower, get dressed, etc.
    • Setup office space somewhere you can focus
      • Try not to work in your bedroom or living room
      • If you cannot have a separate space, wear headphones or play elevator music
    • Set break times every 50 minutes
      • Work 50, break 10 when possible
        • Get up, take a walk, stretch
  • Organization
    • Know your company’s organizational structure
      • Know who is in the office
      • Who is hybrid (office/remote)?
      • Who is fully remote?
  • Resources
    • Computer or laptop with docking station
    • Wireless keyboard and mouse
    • Video camera
      • Built into a laptop or USB
    • Extra monitors
    • Cell phone
      • Set auto-forward desk phone to your cell
    • Solid internet connection
      • Backup cell hotspot
    • Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to work files
      • Make some local copies as backup
    • Charging cords for all devices
  • Communication
    • Forwarded phone
    • Teleconferencing software
    • Document management tools
    • Setup regular check-in calls

The EMS1 article titled “Quick take: 4 steps to working from home success for ambulance service support staff” features the content and concept discussed in this episode and write-up. You can read the entire article by visiting

**Note PSA based on CDC guidelines at 11:27**

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