How You Can Influence the Influencers John C. Maxwell Style

In How You Can Influence the Influencers John C. Maxwell Style, I share the 7 Factors that Influence Influence and how to action them. I recently started reading Maxwell’s book, Good Leaders Ask Great Questions. It is a book that provides immediately applicable skills. Starting with how we, as leaders, should ask more than we tell. Maxwell shares many great examples of the questions he asks and the questions he asks of others.

In this episode, I provide some practical insight into how we can action the factors listed below. How have you used or followed the 7 factors that influence influence? Let me know in the comments of this article.

Maxwell’s 7 Factors that Influence Influence

  1. Character – Who They Are
  2. Relationships – Who They Know
  3. Knowledge – What They Know
  4. Intuition – What They Feel
  5. Experience – Where They’ve Been
  6. Past Success – What They’ve Done
  7. Ability – What They Can Do

If you are a leader, the true measure of your success is not getting people to work. It’s not getting people to work hard. It is getting people to work hard together. That takes commitment.

― John C. Maxwell, Good Leaders Ask Great Questions: Your Foundation for Successful Leadership

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