Improvise – Overcome – Adapt

Improvise – Overcome – Adapt: These concepts were critical to slave in America. They are also necessary when one has a limited supply of food. Do you know what the term “high on the hog” means? It comes from living in luxury. Quite practically, the saying relates to getting better cuts of meat from a pig. More insight is given throughout the show ‘High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America’. As the show’s description states, “Black food is American food. Chef and writer Stephen Satterfield traces the delicious, moving throughlines from Africa to Texas in this docuseries.”

Listen here! – Learn more about lessons from ‘High on the Hog’
"High on the Hog" shows us how African-Americans had to improvise, overcome and adapt
“High on the Hog” shows us how African-Americans had to Improvise – Overcome – Adapt

Previously I had no idea that my beloved okra was a favored African dish. Additionally, I did not know rice was such an agricultural powerhouse in South Carolina. The improvisation in food comes by way of the meat slaves were allowed to use to feed themselves. These dishes have now become fine dining in restaurants around the world.

After finishing the series I saw many parallels to adaptation in Project Management. In this episode I share the parallels that we as Project Managers should consider when facilitating processes.


  • Please check out ‘High on the Hog‘ on Netflix. The history, food and people’s stories are inspirational. I appreciate your time reading this and listening to the podcast.

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