Keep Briefings at 30K Feet

Keep Briefings at 30K Feet like this airplane
Keep Briefings at 30K Feet like this airplane

As Project Managers we often want to share the details of the great work our teams are doing. Unfortunately we don’t always have time and sometimes it is not the right place to dive into the weeds. So, think of altitude by keeping briefings at 30,000 feet when you are preparing to brief the C-suite or large groups of people.

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How to stay at elevation:

  • 0 – 10,000 feet: details of tasks, dates, costs, etc.
  • 11,000 – 20,000 feet: summary of status of phases, dates, costs, etc.
  • 30,000 feet +: high level summary of overall project, on or off schedule, under or over project budget, high level project risks and issues

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