Lavender Oils for the Win (A Science-Backed Sleep Solution)

In Lavender Oils for the Win (A Science-Backed Sleep Solution) I share the results of a 2015 scientific study. The study was conducted by Angela Smith Lillehei, Ph.D., Linda L. Halcón, Ph.D., MPH, RN, Kay Savik, MS, and Reilly Reis, MS that included 79 college students that reported difficulty sleeping. Lavender oil patches were used on college students in conjunction with good sleep hygiene habits (see Got Sleep). Alternatively, the other group also practiced good sleep hygiene, but without the added lavender oil patch.

The conclusion from the study:

Lavender and sleep hygiene together, and sleep hygiene alone to a lesser degree, improved sleep quality for college students with self-reported sleep issues, with an effect remaining at follow-up.” – source Effect of Inhaled Lavender and Sleep Hygiene on Self-Reported Sleep Issues: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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Dive Deeper

If you want to dive deeper on essential oils listen to the great conversation I had with Dr. Tracey Marks on the episode Dr. Tracey Marks | Dealing with and Treating Anxiety. Want to learn more than what Dr. Marks and I talked about? Then you should read her book Why Am I So Anxious?

I hope this episode Lavender Oils for the Win (A Science-Backed Sleep Solution) was helpful. As you approach the weekend I suggest you give lavender a try. Lavender oil is readily available at many grocery stores and is relatively cheep. A couple of dabs on the wrists, a wafting smell, then settle down to a good book and drift off. After all, it’s science!

Thank you all for reading this and for listening to the podcast.

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