Let Your Teams Figure Out the How

In this article, Let Your Teams Figure Out the How I share how I love General Patton’s perspective here. To me, it reinforces how we can lead teams and provide our leader’s intent without micromanaging the details of how our teams get their work done. If you recall, the leader’s intent is comprised of three primary focuses: 1. Task 2. Purpose 3. End State.

How do we provide this focus without getting into the weeds?

  1. Task: What is the overarching objective our teams need to accomplish?
  2. Purpose: This is the “Why?” for the program or project.
  3. End State: What does good or complete look like? (*Hint: It should be in the objectives)

Read a bit more on the history of leader’s intent at https://kevtalkspod.com/leaders-intent/ and listen to the full episode below.

Thank you for reading Let Your Teams Figure Out the How, listening, and sharing the show. Remember…

📓 Have a plan to keep your team aligned | ℹ Stay informed with facts, not fear or rumors | 🤝 Then get involved so you can make a difference

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