Let’s Get After It 2021!

This has been one heck of a year right? But we did it! While we continue to weather the COVID-19 storm, we’ve proven to ourselves that we can endure hardships we never thought we could. In this episode I share my perspective on the societal, podcast and website progress made in 2021. Let’s get after it 2021!

LISTEN HERE – PPP63: We Made It Through 2020, Let’s Get After It 2021!

Societal Progress in 2021

  • Advanced medical research and telemedicine at an impressive pace
  • We normalized remote work and the fallacy that meetings must go off without a hitch…whether technical or our little ones
  • We were witness to hate on many spectrums, but did not let that become the norm for our American society
  • Politicians and the media revealed much of their true nature through sensationalistic reporting and pandering to the masses to get votes
  • We shared knowledge with others on how to setup points of dispensing, mobile testing sites and other COVID-19 surge planning and response capabilities

Podcast and Website Progress:

  • 13,000 downloads by December 2020’s end
  • 64 countries with the most listens coming from the United States, France then Germany
  • The show reached 45 of the United States with the most listens coming from Virginia, California then Texas
  • The metro areas that listened the most were around the cities of Roanoke-Lynchburg, Richmond-Petersburg and Los Angeles
  • The most popular month was July 2020 with just over 2,000 listens
  • The show averaged just over 1,000 listens a month

My Guest Appearances

Special thanks to Craig, James, Todd, Steffany and Maribeth for giving me air time on each of their platforms.

Thank you to my wife and family who helped test the show and evaluate my “umms” and “ahhs” as I worked out some kinks in my solo and interview episodes.

And “Thank You” to you…yes, you reading this, you who’ve listened to episodes and have shared and told a friend. I am eternally greatful.

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