Leverage Differences in Your Team

Leverage the differences
Leverage the differences

Our children, our fire engine crews and our project teams are filled with people that have various strengths. As leaders we have opportunity to leverage the differences amongst our team members and then build cohesion amongst them. We should determine what those differences are. A way to do this is to have each of them take the 16 Personalities test and then have team members each reveal their results.

Listen here! – Leverage Differences Amongst Team Members
"The Consul" (ESJF-A)
“The Consul” (ESJF-A)

My PMO did this a few years ago and I am a ‘Consul (ESFJ-A)’. What does this mean? According to the 16 Personalities exam I am an “Assertive Consul” that falls in the “Sentinel” category. Apparently I share this personality type with Taylor Swift, Jennifer Garner, Bill Clinton, Steve Harvey, Jennifer Lopez, Sally Field and the Game of Thrones character Sansa Stark. Who knew?


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