Logistics Make Things Happen

Logistics Make Things Happen – In PPP83: Foundation 3 – Create an Org Structure I shared some considerations for creating functional org structures. In the Incident Command System (ICS) and the U.S. Military, logistical duties are well defined. There are people who regularly prepare and serve large amounts of food, repair and service vehicles, plan transportation for the boots on the ground and more.

Logistics make it happen
Logistics make it happen

If we don’t have the right people, a facility to work in or around, equipment to track the data and yes, food to provide to our teams, we cannot function as efficiently as a team.

In Foundations Friday 31: Logistics Makes Things Happen I touch on the above items and more. This is helpful for those of us who facilitate processes or approve plans. Weneed stuff, people, things, facilities and communications to make our well put together plans actually happen.

LISTEN HERE – Foundations Friday 31: Logistics Makes Things happen

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