Losing Is Not Defeat

Losing Is Not Defeat. It’s true. Everyone loses in life. Everyone. According to StatMuse Inc., Michael Jordan has lost 366 times in his career and Tom Brady has lost 78 times. That’s a lot of losses.

I’m listening to James Smith‘s book “Confidence”. In it James shares a mindset he heard from the great Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) Master Rickson Gracie. James references a conversation he and Rickson had on James’ podcast. Rickson told James that “We learn from losing.”

So, how does this apply to our work life? Professionally we all lose at some point in our career. Sometimes we don’t get the job. Not selected for promotion? That’s ok. Remember, losing is not defeat.

How not to be defeated professionally:

  • If not selected for a position ask for feedback and then address the areas for improvement
  • If not promoted, suppress the ego, congratulate who was promoted and again get feedback to address potential opportunities for further professional development and growth
  • Pay attention to feelings of burnout. If burnt out, take a break
  • If not happy doing what you’re doing, change jobs

We all lose at some point in our personal and professional lives. Key is for all of us to hear Rickson Gracie’s guidance to not let loss truly defeat us.

I recommend James’ book, his podcast and YouTube channel for wellness, fitness and health tips.

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