Lost Connections : How to Keep Project Managers Engaged

Lost Connections by Johann Hari

This year I read Johann Hari’s book Lost Connections. The book provides invaluable insight into environmental and clinical causes of depression. In Lost Connections : How to Keep Project Managers Engaged I parallel Hari’s disconnections to Programs and Projects and provide my $.02 on how I believe we can stay connected or reconnect with meaningful work.

I highly recommend this book for anyone that’s been down, diagnosed with depression or knows someone who has. The research is revealing and eye opening and the stories of reconnection and very inspirational.

Purchase a hard copy or audio version of the book at https://www.amazon.com/Lost-Connections-Uncovering-Depression-Unexpected/dp/163286830X (not affiliate link)

Harri’s Disconnections & Reconnections
  1. Disconnection from meaningful work
    • Do something you love
  2. Disconnection from other people
    • Be around other people
  3. Disconnection from meaningful values
    • Minimize materialism
  4. Disconnection from childhood trauma
    • Obesity is the smoke, not the fire
  5. Disconnection from status and respect
    • Consider a meditation practice
  6. Disconnection from the natural world
    • Take time out of cities
  7. Disconnection from a hopeful future
    • Universal basic income
  8. Genetic predisposition
    • Majority is not genetic
  9. Physical brain changes
    • We have neuroplasticity
My $.02 on PM Reconnections
  1. PM work doesn’t feel meaningful
    • Picture the successful result
  2. PM disconnected from others
    • Make a connection / build relationships
  3. PM stuck in by the book mode
    • Value people over process
  4. Negative impact from past projects
    • Work through team disengagement
  5. PMs leading matrixed teams
    • Remember we GET to lead teams
  6. PMs stuck at their desk
    • Eat lunch outside / Go for a walk
  7. Moving project to project
    • Recieve / provide clear leader’s intent
  8. PMs influenced by their environment
    • Majority of PM style is their own
  9. PMs evolving over time
    • Vary style to fit the project and team

Thank you for taking the time to read this post and listen to the episode Lost Connections – A Project Manager’s Guide to Reconnecting With Our Work.

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