Manage the Change with the Prosci ADKAR Model

In this episode, ‘Manage the Change with the Prosci ADKAR Model’ I share principles from the Prosci Change Practitioner course I completed in 2019. It is a great course where I learned the ADKAR Change Management methodology.

Learn more about the ADKAR model

What is Change Management?

Change management as a discipline has evolved and matured over the past quarter of a century. Prosci research tells us that for changes to be successful, we must prepare, equip and support individuals moving through changes so that they successfully adopt the changes. Without adoption, changes will not be successful and we will not deliver the desired outcomes.” – From

I hope Manage the Change with the Prosci ADKAR Model provided helpful guidance on the ADKAR model and how your organization can follow the principles to manage change better.

  • Have a plan
  • Stay informed
  • Get involved

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