Passing the PMP Exam

PMP credential logo earned after passing the PMP exam
PMP credential logo earned after passing the PMP exam

Passing the PMP exam is not impossible. Will it take time to prepare? Yes. Do you need to read the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) cover-to-cover? No! Listen to this episode and read my quick tips below to help you get a handle on preparation, sitting for and succeeding at achieving the internationally recognized PMP credential.

Listen here! – Passing the PMP Exam (originally aired Dec 03, 2018)

My summary to PMP success:

  • Do your homework on the PMI application and testing process
  • Complete an online PMP exam preparation course
  • Referenced Part 1 of PMBOK
  • Read much of Part 2 of PMBOK
  • Completed Joseph Phillips’ Cram Session
  • Purchased and used PMP Pocket Prep iPhone app
  • Took many, many, many PMP Exam Simulator practice quizzes and 2 or 3 full exams

Preparation in more detail:

Before touching the PMBOK I strongly suggest the applicant be very familiar with the PMP application and testing processes. For me attempting to read the PMBOK cover-to-cover was overwhelming as I do not feel it was written to be read straight through. Read Part 2 of the PMBOK as it is a very helpful summary and the information flows much more effectively than in Part 1. I would reference Part 1 of the PMBOK as needed to shore up information gaps not covered by the applicant’s PMP preparation course or other training completed to achieve the education hours.

Learning and being able to write out the Project Management Process Group and Knowledge Area Mapping table was among the most helpful advice I received (Thanks honey!). From this mapping you can mentally trace the order of actions when faced with situational questions on the exam.

During my last week of preparation I completed two full exams and reviewed information gleaned from Joseph Phillips’ Cram Session. On the first I re-benchmarked myself, then used PMP Exam Simulator to quiz on specific weak points. After that I completed three, ten question custom quizzes on each of the knowledge areas until I passed with at least eighty percent. After that I completed another practice exam and saw a dramatic difference.

Update March 2022: Added additional background, audio player and updated contact information.

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