Powering People, Process and Progress

KEV Talks Podcast – Powering People, Process and Progress is the new full name of the KEV Talks Podcast. I added the tagline or sub-heading after watching one of Katie Steckly’s YouTube videos. The video is called “How I Grew my Podcast in 2021 | 10,000+ Monthly Downloads!‘. I found Katie’s video and the tips very helpful. Katie stresses the importance of consistency and asking for reviews (leave one here, please :). Additionally, Katie states that optimizing SEO for podcast names and episodes helps draw listeners. In the end, though, the power of good content is key.

In addition to Katie’s tips, I reviewed my podcasting stats for the past three years. During the first two years of data, the podcast was called ‘People, Process, Progress.’ The podcast grew, then I took a much-needed break. Soon after I returned, I renamed the program to ‘KEV Talks Podcast.’.

Updated KEV Talks Podcast Description:

Leading and motivating teams to accomplish objectives while staying aligned within a shared process is challenging. To help you address this challenge, Host Kevin Pannell, PMP, and his guests share their industry-leading best practices that will save you time and provide actionable lessons to help you progress in your personal and professional life.

Thank you all for visiting the website, and for sticking with me and the show as we transitioned to the KEV Talks Podcast – Powering People, Process and Progress.

I hope your 2023 year is starting off strong. I appreciate you being here and I look forward to providing more entertaining and enlightening conversations with great people and to sharing my $.02 to help listeners make progress.



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