Fitness DEFCON1 with MetCons

*Originally aired in December 2021*

The credit belongs to the man  (or woman) who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood;” – President Theodore Roosevelt, ‘Man in the Arena’, 1910

Fitness DEFCON1 with MetCons

As you return to or get started on your own path to wellness, your face will also be covered with sweat and dust, and perhaps even by blood. Today I’m going to share a workout style that will no doubt contribute to the sweat part, metabolic conditioning or ‘MetCons’. Since I re-dedicated myself to fitness 4 years ago I’ve done almost or maybe even more than 1,000 workouts. These have included body weight, traditional weight training, yoga, Jiu Jitsu and for about ¼ out of all of my workout styles I’ve chosen MetCons.

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So what are the benefits of MetCon style workouts?

  • Time savers – shorter, more intense exercise sessions
  • Fat burners – body burns fat for hours after exercise
  • Mind strengtheners – the challenge of these exercises is as much mental as it is physical
  • Supplement sports performance, e.g. Jiu Jitsu – burning muscles and lungs from MetCons simulate the challenge of a tough Jiu Jitsu roll
  • Overall fitness improvers – MetCons stimulate the phosphagen, glycolytic, and oxidative/aerobic metabolic systems in our body

Examples of MetCons:

  • Do 10 each of Push ups to air squats to crunches to jumping jacks for 4 rounds (no equipment)
  • Perform 10 each of kettlebell swings to burpees to kb goblet squat (some equipment)
  • Complete 10 each of various barbell movements, e.g. barbell complex (all equipment)

A great thing about MetCons is they are relatively easy to self-program but there are many you can find online. Specific MetCon workouts I recommend include the MARSOC Short Card and the 300 workout. Scale as needed.

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