Six Sigma and the Planning “P”

In this episode I dusted off a LinkedIn article I wrote in November 2017 comparing the Six Sigma DMAIC methodology and the All-Hazards Planning “P” process.

Six Sigma and the Planning "P"
Six Sigma and the Planning “P”

Throughout the episode I verbally walk the listener through the DMAIC to Planning “P” concept map I created to the left and share how I believe Six Sigma and all-hazards incident management skills crossover and converge in many places. For Six Sigma practitioners the Design Measure Analyze Improve Control or DMAIC methodology is very familiar and for green and black belts DMAIC is second nature. For IMT members, the Planning “P” and should be second nature.

LISTEN HERE: PPP68: Concept Mapping Six Sigma DMAIC and the All-Hazards Planning “P”
PPP68 Field Reference

There is much common ground between these two processes and knowledge areas. Both Six Sigma and All-hazards Incident Management processes focus on identifying problems. They facilitate brainstorming solutions. Prompt us to collect data. Each of these provide processes or product improvement through efficient application of personnel and resources. 

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