Slow Down to See the Path More Clearly | You-Jitsu #26

In Slow Down to See the Path More Clearly | You-Jitsu #26, I’m carrying over some Jiu-Jitsu tips for newer BJJ players, focusing on slowing down and making the moves correctly. When we start BJJ, it’s easy to want to go fast, to get to the submission, or just keep moving to survive. While the movement is good, slowing down when drilling and even when live sparring is helpful.

Slowing down has benefits outside of the BJJ mats as well. Our “go, go go!” mentality in 2023 helps us succeed but also burns us out. So, take time to slow down. Get the box of donuts and enjoy them with your family or friends. After all, we work hard most days with exercise and business, so a break is well-earned.

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“The most important part of jiu-jitsu is the middle of the way. It’s the path between one position and another – the transition – that makes the difference between a mediocre fighter and an unbelievable fighter.” – Renzo Gracie, The Fighter’s Mind: Inside the Mental Game (Page 235)

Thank you for listening to Slow Down to See the Path More Clearly | You-Jitsu #26. I highly recommend it if you haven’t started training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

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