Stephen Skripak | From the Boardroom to the Classroom

Are you working in the corporate world? Have you wondered what it would be like to teach students at a major university? In this episode Stephen Skripak | From the Boardroom to the Classroom, Stephen and I have a great conversation with Leader, Author and my neighbor, Stephen Skripak. Stephen and I discuss his pre-corporate life, his rise to the C-suite in the corporate world, transitioning to academia and his decision to retire while still at the top of his game.

Stephen Skripak and Kevin Pannell

For Skripak, the most meaningful experiences as a teacher are when he is able to work alongside struggling students to help them succeed. “In general, the experiences where I have been able to help a struggling student master the material have been the most meaningful,” he said. “I love A students, but anyone can teach them—they don’t need much help. It’s more rewarding helping a student go from possibly failing to getting a satisfactory grade in the course.” – From

I hope you enjoyed listening to Stephen Skripak | From the Boardroom to the Classroom.

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