Stuff Project Managers Need to Know

Stuff Project Managers Need to Know
Stuff Guys Need to Know by John F. Hunt

Following the 8 steps used to build a fire from John F. Hunt’s book “Stuff Guys Need to Know: How to Do Just About Everything” as parallels to stuff Project Managers need to know throughout the project’s lifecycle.

I was fortunate to receive a signed copy of this book years ago. My sister helped with the marketing as John F. Hunt was her friend. While John is no longer with us, the knowledge shared in this book is. I took advantage of this knowledge and thought how I could share some of it with Project Managers.

Listen here: Stuff Project Managers Need to Know

Parts of the Book:

  • One: Separating the Men from the Boys
  • Two: Tying One On – Apron that Is
  • Three: On the Town
  • Four: Holding Your Liquor
  • Five: Baby, You Can Drive My Car
  • Six: A Sporting Chance
  • Seven: Don’t Try This At Home
  • Eight: Goin’ to the Chapel
  • Nine: There’s No Place Like Home


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