Stutz | You Have a Dog in the Fight

In Stutz | You Have a Dog in the Fight I provide a review of and share the insight and tools from Phil Stutz in the Netflix documentary Stutz. Jonah Hill directs and co-stars in the film. Phil Stutz is Jonah Hill’s Psychiatrist and over the course of the film, we learn about visual tools Dr. Stutz taught and works with Jonah. We also learn that in addition to the doctor/patient relationship, Phil Stutz and Jonah Hill are linked by a common family tragedy.

I personally benefited from watching this film, taking notes, and sharing what I learned via this podcast episode. I hope this film, my primer, and the deep dive I link to below helps you or someone you know gains a unique perspective on mental health, relationships, and how to better be honest with ourselves.

Episode Outline:

  • What is Stutz?
  • Giving advice vs. Listening
  • Life Force triangle
  • Who is ‘Part X’?
  • 3 aspects of reality
  • The string of Pearls exercise
  • The Shadow we all have
  • Navigating ‘The Maze’
  • Practicing ‘Radical Acceptance’
  • and more!
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