The 5 SOF Truths for IMTs

In May 2017 I wrote an article on LinkedIn called “All-Hazards Incident Management and the 5 SOF Truths”. I thought of the comparison of these “5 truths” as I watched “Special Forces – The Fight Against Terror” on Amazon Prime. I was pedaling on my stationary bike at 0530 in my garage gym at the time. My mind immediately thought of the parallels these truths have with creating effective All-Hazards Incident Management Team members. Now, as a full time IT Project Manager I see even more parallels to the PM world.

The 5 SOF Truths for IMTs
The 5 SOF Truths for IMTs

Below are my original points from the article and the outline for ‘PPP47: Incident Management and the 5 SOF Truths‘ I talk through these thoughts and provide a bit more perspective.

LISEN HERE: PPP47: Incident Management and the 5 SOF Truths

The 5 SOF Truths:

  1.   SOF Truth 1: Humans are more important than hardware
    • I see parallel to Incident Management Teams (IMT)s that have more focus on the forms and not the people. Develop the skills of the people and work the process together. The forms and charts can wait.
  2.   SOF Truth 2: Quality is better than quantity
    • IMTs should not pencil whip credentials or qualifications. One good, truly qualified Unit Leader is worth 10 Chief level personnel that have no real experience.
  3. SOF Truth 3: Special Operations Forces cannot be mass produced.
    • Gaining real world IMT experience takes time. Time in class and time out in the field. There are not, or should not, be any shortcuts here.
  4. SOF Truth 4: Competent Special Operations Forces cannot be created after emergencies occur.
    • If localities or agencies only use the IMT concept WHEN something happens, not BEFORE, then it’s already too late.
  5. SOF Truth 5: Most special operations require non-SOF assistance.
    • IMT work gets s done at the Task Force, Strike Team and Unit level. Not all Section Chief or Command Staff positions are required.

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