The Art of the SBAR

The Art (literally) of the SBAR
The Art (literally) of the SBAR

In ‘The Art of the SBAR’ I share the Situation Background Assessment Recommendation (SBAR = “ess-bar”) to discuss issues with leaders. The SBAR can be documented in MS Word, PowerPoint or other tools. I prefer the one page PowerPoint table version. Key is to deliver the SBAR in a “short and sweet” format.

Listen here: The Art of the SBAR

SBAR Guidance:

  • (S)ituation:
    • Why are we hear?
    • Why am I reading this?
  • (B)ackground
    • What got us here?
    • What contributed to me reading this?
  • (A)ssessment
    • What do you think happened?
    • What do you know happened?
  • (R)ecommendation
    • How do you think we can resolve this?
    • What changes do you think we should make?

You may use other tools to queue up decisions or to discuss resolution of issues, but I recommend giving the SBAR a try the next time you run into issues on your project or even to present an after action report (AAR) in short format.

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