The Bad Planning Proverb is Wrong

I’m sure many of you have heard some version of the proverb, “Bad planning on your part does not constitute an emergency on my part.”. I like this saying for its simplicity and directness. But, as I write here in The Bad Planning Proverb is Wrong, the proverb is simply not true. As Program or Project Managers, if key planning elements were missed and they have negative impacts on scope, schedule, cost, or quality, it is our emergency. We should feel professionally and morally obligated to make facilitating a solution an emergency.

Now, does that mean we pull the emergency alarm, alert all Sponsors and run around like the world is on fire? No. It does not. It does mean we need to rally our team and come up with ways to mitigate, accept or avoid the risk or work through contingency planning to better respond to the issue that has become a reality. Below are episodes and resources to help you contingency plan with your teams.

Contingency Planning Methodologies:

Thank you for reading The Bad Planning Proverb is Wrong. I hope my perspective is helpful as you pull together your next Program or Project team.

Godspeed y’all,


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