Developing Human Beings

Helping and developing human beings
Helping and developing human beings

In January 2022 so many people are questioning their own safety and abilities, but instead of continuing to cower or live life full of fear, we can work on ourselves and help develop others. Micah Fink made the statement, “We have to get back into the business of developing human beings.”, that I used for the title of this episode and he makes more great points in Jocko Podcast 318.

LISTEN HERE – The Business of Developing Human Beings

Examples on how to develop ourselves and others:

  • Push ourselves physically through exercise and fitness
  • Strengthen ourselves mentally by taking on the harder assignments at work
  • Develop ourselves spiritually by learning about the religions of the world, connecting with nature and taking stock in the world around us
  • Cultivate our relationships with our spouses or significant others
  • Build up our children to be good human beings and press them to do hard things
  • Encourage and support our teammates at work by sharing our lessons learned and experience
  • Build up the new people on the job with less hazing and more productive knowledge sharing

Lastly, there are more ways we can develop ourselves and others, but I hope this episode and others of the ‘People, Process, Progress’ podcast help you develop your confidence, learn some new skills or just be entertained for a while.

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