The Declaration for Project Managers

As a tribute to one of my favorite documents, The Declaration of Independence, I created The Declaration for Project Managers. I enjoyed putting my own spin on it by outlining the best practices that every Project Manager should adhere to. From the start to the end of each project they undertake.

Below you can listen to the spoken version plus a July 4th message from me.

Godspeed and Happy 4th y’all,


The Declaration for Project Managers (Full Text)

This majority approval by the Steering Committee, When in the phase of Initiation, it becomes necessary for the Project Manager to create the project charter, which provides the SMART objectives, outlines a high-level timeline and specifies the approved project budget, and assumes the mantle of delegated leadership to guide the team through the remaining Planning, Executing and Closing phases, to continue to Monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) throughout and create a solid lesson learned report for the benefit of all future Project Managers and Business Owners.

We hold these standards to keep our teams aligned, that all team members be treated equally, they are provided a means to contribute, that among these contributions are how best to manage the schedule, scope, and cost.—That to facilitate such collaboration is the responsibility of the Project Manager by way of their delegated power, –That the Project Manager shall keep team meetings on track and productive, that the Project Manager, when necessary, will facilitate healthy disagreement with the end goal to share experiences and resolve conflicts. –That documentation shall not become an administrative burden but instead shall be a useful tool to keep track of key decisions, tasks, and KPIs. –Such is the way of the Project Manager across all industries, from Construction to Healthcare, within Public Safety, and across the Public and Private Sectors. Let history show that the Project Manager did their best, was fair in their decision-making, and used data-driven solutions while also keeping people’s welfare and relationship building at the forefront.” – Written and Created by Kevin Pannell, PMP, Prosci – July 4, 2023

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