The Foundational Five

The “Foundational 5” to make teams successful

In the episodes below I go into detail on each of The Foundational 5. As you listen, consider how you and your teams capture this information. Do you regularly have leader’s intent? Does your project work from S.M.A.R.T. objectives as it adds tasks? Is there an org chart to show “who’s who?”. Do you or members of your team know how to ask for more stuff, facilities or even food? Can you and your team communicate via radio, instant messenger or via cell phone?

The concepts I present in the these episodes come from distilling down the key ingredients from the worlds of the U.S. Military, Public Safety, Healthcare, All-Hazards Incident Management, Program and Project Management.

  • Leader’s Intent sets the tone for the rest of the process
  • Next we then need to creating S.M.A.R.T. Objectives
  • Then these objectives we need functional Org structures to see “who’s who?”
  • After that these org structures require Resources, “people and stuff” to get work done
  • While working teams need effective communication to stay in sync
  • Have a plan
  • Stay informed
  • Get involved

Kevin Pannell, PMP | Founder of KPannell Productions, LLC | Creator & Host of the KEV Talks Podcast | Principal on the @Pannell5Fit and KEV Talks YouTube Channels

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